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BSR Series

A New Generation of
Compact Screw Compressors

Semi-hermetic Compact Srew Compressors
Series: BSR213 - BSR426

Our extensive state-of-the-art range has repeatedly set new standards in the compressed air business and offers a number of possible applications for any given task. In 1988, we successfully launched our first screw refrigerant compressor series, which has since been improved and developed continuously along with market requirements to meet our customers' highest demands. Today, the quality and reliability of Fu Sheng compressors are highly acknowledged by users in all industries and have gained an excellent reputation for their performance and reliability throughout the entire world.

Building on our valuable experience and superior technology, Fu Sheng is proud to now introduce a new generation of screw refrigerant compressors, the 2006 BSR series. Exceeding any previous compressor series' performance rates, the BSR series has become the best choice for all industrial applications. In addition to the proven elements featured by its predecessors from the SR series, the new compressors further improve the efficiency of any given system while at the same time offering compact design. No matter the desired application, the BSR series fully meets the requirement of each type of system including air conditioning, heat pumps, refrigeration and many more.

Superior quality, maximum efficiency and high reliability are Fu Sheng's priorities in developing innovative products for the compressor industry. Striving for our customers' confidence in creating the perfect solution for their requirements, we provide extensive service and use the best materials available to guarantee an exceptionally long service life. Our achievements have been confirmed by chiller makers all over the world. The BSR series was granted many international and domestic certificates such as ISO 9001:2000, UL, CE, PED and other important authentication.

The latest screw refrigerant compressor (BSR series). The BSR series inherits the characteristics of the SR series such as reliability, stability and excellent performance with high EER, low noise and low vibration etc. Moreover, the BSR series specializes in R134a application with 15 models, ranging from 30 to 300 RT (Refrigerant Tonnage). The total number of parts in the compact design was reduced by 19% and the size was also made smaller than the current SR series. The new design concept has realized further improvements in performance and reliability by adopting a new lubrication system and compressor structure. The development of the new series also focused on the improvement of part load performance. On average, the new series’ IPLV is around 15% higher than that of the current series. With its wide application range and flexibility to meet the special requirements of industrial applications, the BSR series is the best choice for users.

NOTE: IPLV abbreviation for Integrated Part Load Value. Like the EER, the IPLV rating was developed by the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute. (In 1998, the ARI released a revised Standard, ARI 550/590-98 to cover IPLV.) Unlike the EER, however, the IPLV measures the efficiency of air conditioners under a variety of conditions -- that is, when the unit is operating at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of capacity and at different temperatures.

Characteristics of the Products and Advantages

• Optimized compressor structure
· Complete product line, flexibility in chiller design and application
· Motor and volumetric ratio are specially designed to meet the application

• User friendly design
· Compact structure, small dimensions, easy to install
· Suction/discharge service valves and suction flange can be rotated by 360º
· Large suction filter area, less pressure drop
· Smooth internal flow passage, low pressure drop

• Extensive products application
· Suitable for the R-134a, R-22, R-407C refrigerant
· Applicable to air-cooled systems, water-cooled systems, heat pump, refrigeration, t thermal storage, flooded chillers etc.
· Improves chiller efficiency by adapting economizer
· Extends the operation range by using liquid injection and external oil cooler

• Superior key part - Rotor
· Newly asymmetrical rotor profile · Best tooth ratio 5:6
· Multi-national patented rotor profile
· High precision and stable quality
· Small internal clearance, high efficiency in operation
· Special-purpose CNC grinding machine to proceed high-accuracy rotors

• Rigidity and safety
· Meets safety requirement of PED, rigid and durable structure
· High rigidity design, low vibration

• Long service life of bearings
· High-precision axial and radial bearings
· Big frame bearing design, stable and durable
· High-precision oil filter
· Patented lubrication oil passage, effectively improving the life-span
rf the bearings and efficiency

• High-efficiency oil separator
· Insulated type oil separator- low noise level during operation
· Three-stage filtration with high density oil filter screen
· Oil separation efficiency is higher than 99.7%

• High-efficiency electrical motor
· High-efficiency squirrel cage electrical motor (refrigerant cooling)
· Built-in PTC temperature protects x 3
· Starting method: Star-Delta

• Reliable protection component
· Precise control module
· PTC discharge temperature and motor temperature thermistor

• Product test and reliability
· 100% performance test to guarantee quality
· High quality, high reliability with high efficiency

• Flexible capacity control
· Four step or stepless capacity control
· The patented capacity control mechanism provides accurate capacity output

• Granted with multi-national products security and quality authentication
· UL · CE · PED · ISO 9001:2000

• Completed fitting
· Suction flange · Discharge stop valve · Build-in check valve · Suction filter
· Lubrication filter · Lubrication · Drain valve · External oil cooler adaptor
· Oil sight glass · Capacity regulator · Power protection module · Oil level switch
· Oil heater

• Option fitting Option fitting
· Suction stop valve · Safety valve · 2nd oil separator · ECO adaptor
· Liquid injection adaptor · Motor liquid injection adaptor
· Liquid injection solenoid valve
· Liquid injection expansion valve